Steel Talons


Our first semester of robotics season is an outreach period, all about educating new members, the community, and progressing in soft skills.


Our second semester is the competition season. After KICKOFF, the team goes into build mode where we start to design, build, source, then compete at regional comps.

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Lets Talk About Outreach

How have we impacted our community and students

Our Community

Our community is the Hamilton Mill area locally but our students spread throughout the Dacula, Hamilton Mill, and Buford Areas.

Our Mission

The Steel Talons are dedicated to educating students of the future and the local area about Robotics and STEM. So far we have worked with Jones Middle School VEX, Puckett’s Mill Elementary School FLL, and helped host Mountain View High School’s FLL Tournament.


Women in STEM


Years of STEM Education


Our 2023 season will have our biggest plans yet!

How about the Robot?!

This past competition we competed with our robot, Clunk. While the name may be comical we did some serious work out there and really impressed ourselves and competitors.



This year our robot development timeline was improved and we only had to build one robot that could be iterated instead of fully taken apart and rebuilt. Our robot scored points in every level!



A pretty sour build season but a pretty sweet robot to finish it off at State. With the help of the #GRAMPS alliance we learned and grew now knowing how to improve for next year.